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Oxo Bio-degradable Poly Bags

Oxo bio poly bags are made by adding d2w 93224 Oxo biodegradable additive with PolyPropylene(PP) or PolyEthylene(PE).  These d2w additive act as a catalyze in degradation process to speed it up so that OXO plastic will degrade abiotically at the end of its useful life in the presence of oxygen,  heat and UV light will accelerate the process, much more quickly than ordinary plastic which will take decades to become biodegradable.  It can be recycled during its useful life with normal plastic.

Our Oxo Bio poly bags are tested and certified as per ASTM5510 / ASTM 5208 (ASTM6954)  standard.

Testing Certificate

1. 100% biodegradable when disposed of in the presence of Oxygen.

2. Have a fit for purpose shelf life of at least one year.

3. Totally recyclable.


Brief description of Oxo biodegradable plastic mechanism:

Step 1: Oxo degradation

Is an abiotic/ chemical  stage which begin with cleavage of carbon chain backbone in PP, PE into shorter chain molecules and the incorporation of oxygen into these molecules as functional groups. (Hydo-carboxilic acids and alcohols as well). The hydrocarbon polymer change their behavior from hydrophobic to hydrophilic thereby allowing fragmented polymer to absorb water.

Step 2: Bio-degradation

It is a micro biological stage in which bio degradation of fragmented polymer takes place.The molecular weight of polymer is reduced during the first step to levels that will allow bacteria, fungi and algae to consume the carbon backbone fragments into their tropic process. The end product of bio degradation step are Co2, H2O and small quantity of minerals, biomass with no toxic or harmful residue for soil, plants and macro organisms. Various studies confirms that 91% biodegradation in a soil environment within 24 months.