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    T-shirt hangers, plastic hangers, clothing hangers, garment hangers, kids top hanger, ladies top hanger, nightwear hanger, blouse hangers, top hangers for ladies wear, top hangers for men wear, top hangers for kids wear, hangers for knitted garments, hangers for woven garments, Printed top hangers.

  • Set & Frame Hangers

    Set hangers, top and bottom set hangers, set pack hangers, kids set hangers, hangers for kids pyjama sets..

  • Home Textile & Lingrie Hangers

    Curtain hangers, table cloth hangers, towel hangers, rugs hangers, hangers for table clothing, hangers for made ups, Hangers for table linen, Made ups hangers, hangers for home textile, hangers for kitchen clothes, Scarf hangers, napkin hangers, Hangers for Karur exporters.

  • Bottom & Outerwear Hangers

    Bottom hangers, skirt hangers, pant hangers, trouser hangers, clip hangers, plastic hangers, folding hangers, clothing hangers, garment hangers, kids bottom hanger, ladies bottom hanger, nightwear hanger, bottom hangers for ladies wear, bottom hangers for men wear, bottom hangers for kids wear, Underwear hangers, lingerie hanger, inner wear hangers, slip hangers, panty hangers, vest hanger, shorts hangers, skirt hangers, pant hangers, trouser hangers, slip hangers, clip hangers.

  • Multipack & Underwear Hangers

    Two pack hangers, three pack hangers, five pack hangers, two prong hangers, three prong hangers, five prong hangers, 2 in 1 packing hangers, 3 in 1 packing hangers, 5 in 1 packing hangers, step hangers, three step hangers, five step hangers, two step hangers.

About Us

NAVIN PLASTIC TECH is a leading and premier manufacturer of Plastic Hanger, Sizer, LDPE & PP Poly Bags and Oxo biodegradable Poly Bags in India and offering effective and reliable product to its customer across the globe for past 15 years. Now we have developed 100% “OK COMPOSTABLE POLY BAGS” for garments packing industry especially. Our facility located in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

NAVIN PLASTIC TECH’s present inventory having more than 150 plastic hanger molds, which are prefect suitable for, knitted garments, woven garments, coat & suits, T-shirts, skirts, trousers, kids wear, boys wear, men’s wear, ladies wear, curtains, home textiles, leather belts and etc.,

We are the leading manufacturers of the polybags in PP , LDPE and soft LDPE grade for industries and garments exports as per customer requirement. Polybags are printed as per customer designs and logo requirement with self adhesive tape and zip lock .


  • Create and sustain pollution free planet.



  • Offer technology and cost effective total solutions for enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Improve competitiveness through collaboration, strategic alliances and joint ventures, to sustain and enhance market share in product groups we operates.
  • Adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and bring in new products through Transfer of Technology and in-house R&D.
  • Grow profitably by aggressively pursuing business and market opportunities in domestic and international markets.


Here at Navin Plastic Tech, we are having more than 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of hanger molds. We are having own tool room facility to make a new mold with in a short time& a low cost. Our well experienced and dedicated technicians are giving very good quality of output to satisfy the customers. If you have any questions regarding unique designs, contact our design team.


NAVIN PLASTIC TECH is equipped with modern auto mated machinery, which are maintained by highly qualified experienced professionals in the field of engineering and technology. Our plant is constantly improving the service and quality of product, which is a result of our hi-tech production facilities using automation and standardization. Our team is motivated towards up-to-date technology and global quality standards in service and production. We are welcoming you with 10 years of experience in the plastic hangers sector.


Looking for your corporate logo on our hangers. Our fully automated printing machine has the capability to print any corporate logo in any color. If your customized hanger going with your brand logo, then it will market your product, wherever it goes.

“Where ever it goes, there is your Logo”

These hangers are very useful for brand making. So these hangers are also called as “Brand Making Hangers”